IMG_1105Hi again, I have been thinking a lot lately about where I get inspiration for my jewelry designs. I am usually out and about or online shopping and things just come to me, which is  really dangerous when I am in a craft store, since I usually cannot walk out of the store without buying something!

Because I have been acquiring more baubles and findings to make things, I have been making more items and different types of things and have been busy posting them on my site. Since I have been adding items to my shop, it makes sense that I have also been promoting the heck out of my site on all my social media platforms. Considering posting a blog is social too, I thought it might be fun to write another post, as it has been a while. Now I don’t even know for sure that what I am writing is even being read, I figured if I am going to get traction, why the heck not, right?

I have been playing with different colors, shapes and designs lately and they are different from the items that I originally created when the shop opened. I have been reading about the latest trends and whats hot, so some of the newer designs comes from that. It just is so much fun and I love it when the designs just come flooding into my brain!

One of the odd places that I get inspiration from is SyFy’s series Face Off. I know its a special effects show, but for some reason it gets the creative juices flowing. It is a super weird inspiration, but hey it works!

I cannot end this post without promoting my site: and if you actually made it all the way through this post and visit my site and support that small business owner, be sure to check out my 2nd Anniversary Sale where there are tons of items that have been discounted and some up to 50% off.

Thank you for your support!