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This past month, I have decided that I needed a dedicated space to do all my work related to the jewelry line. I was tired of having my beads and stuff all over the house, because it was not real organized or efficient. Plus, lets be honest, it looked cluttered because it was everywhere.

So I have taken one of our guest bedrooms and converted it into my home office. Granted I did this with temporary furniture, other pieces that were in my garage, re-purposed furniture from the guest room and other various places around the house.

First, I got the furniture gathered in the room and got everything nice and organized to the point that I can actually find stuff! Amazing, right? The room is not quite what I have envisioned for the ultimate office, but it works well until I can purchase the furniture that I really want. I have created a board on pinterest with my wishlist of items for the room from motivating artwork to the actual room designs & furniture that go with part of the furniture in the room.

For the re-purposed furniture, I took the bookcase that we had our small tv in, and converted it to work as a storage unit. The part that was re-purposed was the back. We had originally had a hole cut into the backing material to fit our tube tv and so when I wanted to reuse it, there was this huge hole in it! What I ended up doing was taking spare cool looking fabric (that I used in a Halloween costume) and lined the board with it before re-attaching to the frame. I think it turned out pretty good!

So far, it seems like it is working pretty well! For starters, I am in a room in my house that has awesome lighting pretty much all day long, so works great for my product photos, since natural light is key. The rest of my house is super dark and terrible for shooting pics. I really can’t do pics outside, since I live in Arizona and the heat is a killer during the summer months. Some of the other perks, that I did not really expect going in:  its on the opposite side of the house as our bedroom, so if I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea for a new design, the sound of clacking beads is not waking up my better half, and I can keep the items out while I am working on them and its not in a visible part of the house, cluttering everything up.

Right now, I have to live with the color of the room since I can’t invest any money to buy paint, plus I am not sure on the color I would use, since I don’t want to scrap my curtains. I would want to use a light color but something that would be inspiring and fun. Taking this into consideration, I have spiced up the room with my guest room artwork and photos of things that make me happy and inspire me.

Hopefully down the road, I will have the money to invest in making this room awesome, but for now, it works and I am actually able to do everything for the business in there. When I get the look finished I will write another post with all the changes that were made to the room.

So I am sure you are asking, Kris what the heck is the point of this post? Getting organized is inspiring even if you don’t spend a dime! It is hard to get inspired and feel motivated to work on stuff when you don’t have a central spot to contain all of your stuff and its not organized. I am really an anal retentive person and not having that place for everything was driving me nuts! Just by making a few small changes and not spending any money is making things so much easier. If you have a place in your residence to do this, I highly encourage it. Since I made this change, I have been motivated to play with new designs and shapes just from creating that dedicated place that I can work.

Hope this post helps give you ideas for changes you can make to be more efficient in whatever your passion is.

Until I can spend some cash to update the space, here are the before and after photos of the room:



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