So being a new entrepreneur is a funny thing.

I find exciting and fun, yet sometimes overwhelming about having this fabulous creative outlet, is that I and I alone am Ginger Blossom Jewelry. I have the pleasure of being the sole employee that has to manage all the aspects of the company (if I can call it that). I am the one that does all the accounting and finances for my shop, I come up with the designs, I do all the sourcing and the purchasing for the supplies, I actually make the items, I photograph them (sometimes in various situations), I do all the website and digital, write all the creative copy from titles and body text to doing all the SEO keywording for each item in the store, all the PR including creating digital ads, doing the promotion on various channels of social and all the packaging and shipping too!

I have to give credit where credit is due to the folks that this is their full-time gig, as being a entrepreneur has become mine lately as well. I have such a great appreciation for all the people that have an Etsy store or something similar. There are definitely perks to having this gig, such as it is nice to be your own boss and be able to dictate when and how long you want to work everyday, and while you are working its usually in yoga pants and a messy bun! It is crazy and unnerving not knowing when you are going to sell something or if investing in ads or google buys are worth it. Its totally nerve wracking and rewarding! Kudos to all the entrepreneurs out there running their small business!

You rock!

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