First post…

Although I am not new to the concept of blogging, I am new to being an author of my own blog, so please bear with me as I start to get the hang of this!

So here goes… Things have been really busy since I started my jewelry line, Ginger Blossom Jewelry: Handmade jewelry that makes a statement.

I have been making a ton of statement pieces and the creativity has been flowing non-stop. I have made so many pieces, over 100 at this point, that I can hardly keep up with getting pictures taken, getting them posted on my store ( and on my website (

Let me stop for a minute and go back in time… Why Ginger Blossom? Well, I am a natural redhead (which has been the vein of my existence since I was a kid), any other redhead would probably tell you the same thing! Now that I am all grown up (kinda) I have decided to embrace it. I went back and forth on Facebook asking friends and family (thanks to those who assisted!) what the name should be that exuded my personality and was not already a name that was taken not only on the domain side but also on Etsy. Once I came to terms with the difficulty of coming up with a name that was not taken, I thought I would embrace my family and my natural haircolor.

My grandpa on my dad’s side was a clever old codger and he was creative as well (which I guess that is where my and my sister’s creativity come from). He loved to draw and was an electrical engineer for the railroad. My dad was creative as well and he used to doodle and tinker with stuff (particularly cars) and he was one of 4 kids (out of 7) that was a red head, which he got from his mom, my grandma. Funny thing about red heads, there are 40 or so first cousins on that side of the family and out of all the kids, there are only four of us girls who are blessed with the red gene, but all of us are different shades–funny how that works. I am the lucky one that ended up with the most blonde.

Now back to why. So I work in marketing doing websites, graphic design, and all around different things that are creative but not creative enough to satisfy my crazy personality. I decided to start making jewelry again. I have always been the kind of person that has been naturally gifted creatively, with making my own props for Halloween, creating patterns and sewing, painting, drawing, and pretty much anything that I set my mind to. The most logical of those things was to start making jewelry again and share it with the world.

The jewelry right now, is focused on necklaces (primarily) and a few earrings here and there. Down the road, maybe I will have enough willpower to create and sell bracelets (they are my weakness) and extend into some fun and funky blingy hair accessories (which I love too)!

The cool thing about my stuff is that there are no two alike, just like me! Everything I create is unique and original. I do have a few pieces that contain some of the same components, but they have unique takes on them so they are different.

Now, here is my marketing pitch. Please, go to my website and store and check out my stuff for sale. I really hope you enjoy it so much, that you absolutely have to have it!

Here are a few teasers….

153bIMG_8066Gemstone chrysoprase lime and white trilliant shaped pendant with magnesite round tumbled stones on clear cord necklace

I guess that wraps up my first blog post, check back often, as I will try to post regularly.

Happy shopping!

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